Electric Or Warm Water

Electric or Warm Water?

We offer a complete floor heating solution for both new builds and renovations – whatever your needs, we have a solution:

Whatever the size of your project if you need help in choosing the right system for you don’t hesitate to contact us. We will help recommend the most efficient and cost effective system which is just right for you.

Cosy-Heat – your first choice when it comes to a new underfloor heating solution.

Electric Underfloor

Perfect for the renovation of an existing room and while a perfect heating solution for any room it’s ideally suited for:

Bathrooms - Wet Rooms - Kitchens  - Family Rooms. 

  • Easy fitting
  • A perfect value for Money solution for smaller rooms
  • Easy Retro-Fit Solution
  • Minimal floor height increase - < 3mm
  • Different Control Options Available

Warm Water Underfloor

Usually installed within the floor when a property is built warm water underfloor heating consists of a network of pipes.  We also offer a unique retro-fitting 'overfloor' warm water system which can be a solution for renovation of an existing building. 

  • The Perfect solution for new builds
  • Cheaper installation solution for new builds
  • Can be operated from an efficient Air Source Heat pump
  • Generally cheaper to run than a traditional central heating system
  • Perfect solution for larger rooms and open spaces
  • Different control options available
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