. Pump and Mixing Valve Set - Salus MP200A - A Rated

£122.60 +VAT
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Complete Pumpset and Mixing Valve Set - Including Salus MP200A Circulating Pump. 

SALUS MPA series circulation motor pump is mainly used in domestic heating and hot water systems.

The mixing set ensures that you have the correct flow and temerature through the system. 

Complete with Salus 5 Year Guarentee. 

This pre-wired circulating pump is equipped with permanent magnet motor and differential pressure controller, capable of automatically & continuously adjusting motor performance to meet the actual needs of the system. 

This pump is equipped with a control panel on the front for easy operation by users.


  • Meets EuP legislative demands
  • Energy efficient pump for significant energy savings
  • Variable and fixed speed operation – one pump for all jobs
  • Plug and Pump – no need to open terminal box
  • Comes pre-wired
  • 5 year warranty


This pump set provides the right temperature and flow of the water through the underfloor heating system.

The pump is easily fitted to the underfloor heating manifold with the flat unions and washers provided.

Simple connection to the heating system to the ¾” BSP threads on the mixer allows you to use any type of pipe on the heating system side and allows the underfloor heating system to be run at a lower temperature than other parts of the system.


230V 50Hz

Protection Grade:



5M Head Max


6M Head Max



Live Connection


Neutral Connection


Earth Connection

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