Aluminium Spreader Plate 40 Pack - J Plate Fit From Below (FFB) - 1 Pipe Channel 180mm

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40 Pack of Aluminium Spreader Plates J Plate 1 Pipe - Fit From Below (FFB)

Designed to be installed from below the floor and the pipe clipped in from below.  The overall width of the plate is 180mm

These plates can also be used with our FFB 150 to effectively create a triple fit from below plate allowing for 150 centres in a 400mm joist. 

These plates can also be used with our FFB 250 to work with three pipes at 200 centres inside a 600mm joist

Width: 180mm
Length: 1000mm
Depth: 16mm
Weight: 0.56kg
Spacings: 150mm or 200mm centres depending on whether used with FFB150 or FFB200

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