Cosy-Heat 160 Series Underfloor Heating Mat - Under Tile

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The thickness of the Cosy-Heat 160 Series electric heating mat is only 3.8mm, so unlike conventional heating cables, it is possible to build individual and additional comfort floor heating without raising the floor level, since the tile adhesive or the floor levelling layer should be at least as thick as this.

After installation, the heating mat floor heating system can be put into operation immediately, and it can be connected directly to the thermostat with a 2.5m long factory-installed connection cable. Thanks to Twin-Conductor technology, it has to be connected on one side only.

Whether it is a new heating system or a floor replacement, the installation is easy.  Our system is ideal for heating all room types, regardless of the real heat demand, with a (160W/m2)  product capacity for quick and dynamic heating.

Capacity: 160W/m2
Voltage: 230V
Cable type: Double insulation, grounded
Cable diameter: 3.8 mm
Heating wire insulation: Fluoropolymer
Cover insulation: PVC
Packaging: Carton box
Certificates: CE, UL, GOST

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