Cosy-Heat 150W Electric Underfloor Heating Loose Cable Reel 0.9 - 12.4 sqm

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Our 150W Cosy-Heat loose cable system is extremely easy to install in areas where it is not possible to use our Electric Underfloor Heating Mats.

Loose cabling comes in fixed lengths to suit your job.  
See our Table BELOW to work out the length of cable you require based on the sqaure metre size of your room minus any fixed objects. 

The cables are usually fixed to tile backer board or similar insulation and fit easily within the tile adhesive layer.

Our cable is twin wire and has a 3 metre cold lead connection at one end which allows for easy installation and is supplied in standard lengths which can't be lengthened or shortened.  Multiple reels of varying lengths can be used in any job but please ensure that your supply can cope with the load.

The cable has an output of 12 watts per linear metre, therefore, the output per sqm is variable and is determined by the cable spacing.

Average Cable Spacing - 80mm.

Our cable, like our, mats are high-quality German manufactured.  


Cable Length M (Excluding Cold Tail)

At 150W per sqm

11 m


18 m


25 m


30 m


39 m


63 m


86 m


155 m


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