2 - 12 Port Cosy-Heat Complete Underfloor Heating Manifold - Stainless Steel

from £47.00 +VAT
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Premium Complete Stainless Steel Manifold Set

From ONLY £47.00 (£56.40 inc vat)

Everything you need for a complete manifold installation!


ü Flow & Return Valves
ü Fill & Flush Valves
ü Cone Connectors

ü Stainless steel flow and return manifolds

ü 2 x Sound deadening brackets

ü 2 x 1” Ball Valves for connecting/isolating manifold from Boiler Flow and return

ü On/off valves for manual turn off or easy connection of electronic actuator

ü Fully adjustable flow gauges with flow indicators

ü Drain and fill valves for flushing and filling systems

ü Euro cone connections for each connection of UFH tubing to manifold normally 16mm but other sizes available.  

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