KIT - Cosy-Heat 150 Series Foil Under Wood, Laminate & Carpet Heating Mat INC Thermostat & Fixing Kit 150W per sqm

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Our Under Wood, Laminate & Carpet 150w per sqm Heating Mat Kit provides a reliable underfloor heating solution delivering cost saving efficiency and value for money.

The perfect solution for rooms which don’t feature fixed objects, thus enabling the mats to be laid side by side to enable an even heat.

Kit includes:

  • Cosy-Heat 150 Series Foil Under Wood, Laminate & Carpet Heating Mat
  • Basic Programmable Touch Screen Thermostat
  • Fixing Kit
    • Aluminium Tape
    • Cold Lead Conduit
  • External Floor Sensor

Simply choose the square metre heated area which is suitable for your job remembering that mats come in 500mm wide rolls.  While the aluminium mat backing can be cut to create a turning point for the next row as you arrive at each end during the installation, the cable itself cannot be cut at any stage.

  • Low profile aluminium foil – just 1.62mm cable diameter
  • Easy to install
  • Even heat distribution

Please follow our detailed instructions to safely and securely install and use this product.

ASK US – If you have any queries about this or any of our products please Email us at or give us a call on 028 3881 8012 before placing your order and we will be happy to help.   E&OE


Cosy-Heat 150 Series Foil Underfloor Heating Mat - Under Wood, Laminate & CarpetTop of Form

Perfect for most wooden, laminate, carpet, vinyl and floating floors.

Our 150 Series Foil Underfloor Heating Mat is the perfect whole-room heating solution for underneath most wooden and floating floors. Our double-core heating mat can also be used underneath carpet and vinyl.

The low profile aluminium foil, at just 1.62mm cable diameter, ensures an even and consistent heat output while having a minimum overall impact on floor height.  

It is applicable for all types of premises and can be easily installed as part of an existing room refurbishment or onto a new surface. 

The double-core heating mat comes with a cold lead, a reliable coupling for the electrical connection of the system, and an end termination.

The cables are conveniently fixed onto the foil, enabling maximum heating potential and consistent heat delivery.

Please follow our detailed instructions to safely and securely install and use this product.

Rated Voltage: 230VAC
Power Output: 150W/m2
Width: 50cm
Cable Type: Twin conductor
Minimum storage temperature: -20 °C
Minimum installation temperature: -10 °C
Cable Diameter: ~ 1.18 mm - 1.62 mm
Cold Lead: 4m grounded
Cold Lead Cross Section: up to 4 m²: 2x0.5 mm² from 5 m² up to 9 m²: 2x0.75 mm² for 10 m²: 2x1.0 mm²
Certificate: CE

Basic Touch Screen Thermostat:

Input voltage: 220V 50/60HZ

Maximum switch power is 3600W

Internal sensor setting range: 5 - 35°C (programmable) (factory setting: 25°C)

Internal sensor measurement range: 0-40°C

External sensor measurement range: 0-90°C (factory setting: 50°C)

Display Type: touch LCD screen, display area size 60 x 45mm

Setting Unit: 0.5°C / step

Indication accuracy: 0.1°C

Housing Material: PC+ABS

Color: white


External Floor Sensor:

Approx 3 meters in length.
Rubber thermoplastic protective housing for NTC sensor.
Resistance of 10K Ohms @ 25?.
Easy to connect with underfloor heating thermostat,
Can be stuck to electrothermal film.

Sensor Housing Material: Rubber
Colour: White
Accuracy: ± 0.5%
Length: approx. 3m/9.84ft


Due to the light and screen setting difference, the item's colour may differ  slightly from the pictures.  Please allow slight dimension difference due to manual measurements.


Cold Lead Conduit:

Section of conduit which sheaths the cold cable which connects to the thermostat.

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