QUANTUM Wireless Programmable RF Digital Thermostat- SQ610RF

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QUANTUM SQ610RF – RF Wireless Thermostat

The Quantum Wireless Thermostat is the latest multifunctional thermostat to arrive on the marketplace. 

Designed with simplicity and style in mind, the device is one of the slimmest on the market at only 11mm thick!!
As part of its innovative features the SQ610RF sports a brand new magnetic backplate to allow flush mounting without the need to cut any fixing boxes into the walls. 
The battery within this device is also Lithium-Ion, meaning it is rechargeable through a USB cable which removes the need to replace batteries repeatedly – making the device both more economical and eco-friendly than alternatives.


For each type of heating
The SQ610RF Thermostat can be used with any type of heating.

Floor heating
Connect the controller to the central strip and control the underfloor heating in your home. In addition, the “COMFORTABLE FLOOR” function will give you the luxury of a warm floor at all times.

Radiator heating
Connect the controller to the TRV head and manage the rooms with traditional heating.

Boiler control
Choose the control option that’s right for you. Wired, wireless, or maybe via the Internet?

Electric heating
Control the electric heating devices with the controller using SPE600 or SR600.



Built-in battery Li-Ion 3,7V

Charging voltage(Not Included)

Micro-USB 5V DC,min 0,5 A

Temperature adjustment range


Display temperature accuracy

0.5°C or 0.1°C

Control algorithm

ITLC Hysteresis (±0.25°C / ±0.5°C) THB actuators

S1-S2 input (multi-functional)

Floor Sensor
Air Sensor
Hotel Card/Occupancy Sensor
One Touch
Changeover Switch (Heating/Cooling)

Communication protocol

ZigBee 2,4GHz

Mounting method


IP Rating


Dimensions Thermostat (W x H x D)

86 x 86 x 11 mm

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