Smart Radiator Control TRV TRV10RFM - Salus

£30.40 +VAT
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The TRV10RFM is a battery powered mini-size thermostatic radiator valve (TRV) controller using Zigbee wireless communication.

Simply replace the existing passive head on the radiator with the TRV10RFM - If you don’t have existing TRVs you can easily fit them.  

Up to 6 TRV10RFM valves can be controlled by any of the thermostats in the Smart home range when used with the Salus smart home gateway.

  • Automatic valve adaptation
  • Easy wireless pairing
  • Manual on/off buttons
  • LED status indication
  • Buttons can be locked
  • Frost protection function
  • Open window detection function
  • Limescale protection function
  • Optional mounting ring
  • 5 year warranty

Power Supply:

2 x AA Batteries

Size (mm):

W-52 H-85 D-52

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